farm: Dairy cows
Goal: To increase production and simplify work organization to improve profitability

The Farm


HUNGARY, Bonyhád

Milking cows:

Annual production:
5,220,000 L




Feeding system:
Single TMR for the whole herd

The performances

  • Milk Fat content: 4.09%
  • Milk Protein content: 3.64%
  • Age at first calving: 27 months
  • Calving interval: 393 days

In their own words

“Our first objective is to increase the milk production per cow and reach 8,500 kg/cow/lactation. We want to simplify the work organization, reach a better profitability and keep the milk quality.
We chose to work with Easylin in a way to increase the milk production. It’s not the cheapest feed but we saw a good return on investment. We observed a better start of lactation and cows have a better persistency. Our aim is to reduce the calving interval as much as possible. We select the cows on different criteria: milk production level, thoracic capacity, feet and legs and udder. We want two keep the both aptitude of the cows: milk production and beef production of the Simmental breed.”

What makes you different: Using linseed-based feed makes us a bit different, and also successful regarding the animal welfare and milkproduction.

ration details

The diet in detail (per kg as fed)
Corn silage 25 kg
Grass silage 6 kg
Alfalfa haylage 6 kg
Dairy concentrate 6.4 kg
Corn 4.5 kg
WDG (Wet Distilled Grain) 5 kg
Easylin 100 50 NPN 1.2 kg
Rumiflor (molasses with protein supplementation 2 kg
Nutritionnal Values (per kg DM)
Total DMI 26.2 kg/cow/day
IT3 107 g/cow/day
Fat 4.47%
Protein 3.81%
Starch + Sugar 32%
NDF 31.3%
NEL 7.07 MJ

Technical and economic indicators

Feeding cost per 1,000 L of standardised milk (with production cost for forages) 149 €/1,000 L
Concentrate per litre of milk 0.4 kg

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