Combining growth and superior meat quality

The key to your farm’s economic profitability is linked to the growth of your livestock and the quality of the meat they produce. Valorex offers you feeding programmes tailored for your herd and tools for meat quality control that enable growth performance, improved health and meat quality to come together as one

Improved growth performance

  • Fattening and finishing your stock is quicker and cheaper: + 14 ADG (g/day).
  • The very high digestibility of Tradilin® and Prodival® feed reduces the energy loss resulting from the production of enteric methane and up to 20% less belched methane, leading to better body condition for the animal and a better fatty acid profile in the milk it produces.
  • The feed conversion ratio is reduced by 15%, reducing costs by savings on fodder and concentrates.
  • The IT3 ratio, used to determine the optimum quantity of fat for your livestock, combined with Valorex feed efficacy, can reduce the cost of kilo of weight gained by €0.02 per animal, per day. This equals a profit margin of + €2,920 per year for a farm with 30 bullocks.

Better herd health

Because the fat contained in Tradilin® is non-acidogenic, it reduces the risk of acidosis. This results in less use of antibiotics and lower veterinary costs.

Better fattening and superior meat quality

  • 8% heavier carcasses thanks to the feeding efficacy of Tradilin®.
  • After slaughter, the carcass has a better appearance and remarkable muscle quality: meat is more marbled and fat distributed more evenly.
  • Meat of unprecedented nutritional quality: + 73% Oméga-3 and – 11% saturated fatty acids as % of total fatty acids.

The technical and economic benefits of valorex feeds are scientifically proven

25 years, 15 patents and 400 scientific publications have proven the benefits for livestock farming of rich in “linolenic” unsaturated fatty acids linseed, when cooked using Valorex’s unique know-how: improved animal health, improved fertility and improved zootechnical performance.

In parallel in 2000, Valorex conducted a clinical trial validating that the introduction in animal feed of linseed cooked using its patented process has beneficial effects not only on the flavour and quality of beef, but also on human health.

A specialist in infrared technologies (for nutritional analysis of seeds and milk), Valorex has worked with INRA to develop a tool for assessing the nutritional quality of beef on the carcass. Called Visio-Viande, it is the first dedicated management tool for cattle farming. It enables the correlation between the nutritional and flavour properties of the meat and the feed that the animal has been given.

Livestock farming Unique know-how


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