Dairy Cattle

Feeding dairy cows is a major lever for farm profitability. It is possible to significantly increase herd productivity and at the same time improve the health and fertility of dairy cattle by adapting the daily feed ration to their specific needs.

Improve the productivity and health of your herd

Valorex determines the optimal feed ration for your animals based on three complementary solutions: dietary diversity in the trough (Dival index), ration digestibility (Tradilin® and Prodival® feed) and analysis of your farm’s zootechnical performance using Visiolait software. The results obtained by this synergy of resources speak for themselves.

Higher milk production and better quality milk

  • The functional energy provided by Tradilin® allows for better feeding efficiency and, consequently, higher herd productivity: + 1.5 to 3 litres milk per cow per day
  • The very high digestibility of Tradilin® and Prodival® feed reduces the energy loss resulting from the production of enteric methane, leading to better body condition for the animal and a better fatty acid profile in the milk it produces. The Valorex solution results in – production of 20% less methane, measured using the patented Eco-Methane method.
  • The nutritional quality of milk is better balanced: Twice as much Omega-3 and 10% less saturated fatty acids.

Better health for your cattle

  • Unlike the high Omega-6 content in maize and soybeans, the Omega-3 provided by Tradilin® lessens inflammatory reactions and boosts the immune system.
  • Because the fat contained in Tradilin® is non-acidogenic, it reduces the risk of acidosis. This leads to less use of antibiotics and lower veterinary costs.

Improved reproduction

Omega-3 is a hormone precursor that improves fertility, so cows remain in heat for longer and with better results: 10% more


Transgenerational benefits of Valorex feed for your heifers

  • Earlier calving: 5 to 11 days earlier for the heifer’s first calving.
  • The calving – fertilizing insemination is shortened by 4 to 10 days in the next cycle.

Optimized feed ration and regular balance monitoring has a positive impact on the herd and on the economic performance of the farm.

The technical and economic benefits of Valorex feed are scientifically proven

25 years, 15 patents and 400 scientific publications have proven the benefits for livestock farming of linseed rich in “linolenic” unsaturated fatty acids when cooked using Valorex’s unique know-how: improved animal health, improved fertility and improved zootechnical performance. This work resulted in the Tradilin® feed range: selected, quality linseed made highly digestible thanks to the Valorex technological process leading to improved energy use by animals.

In 2017, Valorex and Oniris Research Unit-INRA BIOEPAR completed the 1st worldwide epidemiological study on animal nutrition. After 8 years of research and analysis of 4,979 farms, the conclusions of this study provide proof of Valorex’s expertise and scientific validation by a highly representative panel of the technical and economic benefits for livestock farming of linseed cooked using the patented Valorex process. In addition, it revealed the transgenerational benefits of Valorex feed for heifers for the first time.



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