Increasing the profitability of your pig farm by combining growth performance, improved health and meat quality is possible with Valorex feed!

Combining health and growth to make your farm more profitable.

The Tradilin® and Prodival® feed ranges have been specifically formulated to provide technical benefits throughout all stages of animal life, from sows to pork pigs. The Omega-3 provided by Tradilin® promotes sow fertility, significantly improves the quality of colostrum and milk, and strengthens herd immunity. In parallel, Valorex feed made from selected, highly digestible oilseeds and protein plants facilitates intestinal activity and transforms valuable nutrients into functional energy, for better milk production and general growth.

Valorex benefits for sows

  • Better sow health due to higher fertility and shorter farrowing time.
  • Higher quality colostrum and milk: + 285% Omega-3 content (% of total fatty acids) + 38% immunoglobulin A and + 27% immunoglobulin G in colostrum.

Valorex benefits for piglets

  • Better piglet health thanks to better digestive ability: + 47% at farrowing and + 35% at weaning. The blood plasma concentration of immunoglobulin G is increased by + 21%, boosting piglet immunity at weaning time.
  • Better growth through 7% increase in daily consumption due to the palatability of Valorex feed, and 9% increase in ADG (in g/day) for a newborn piglet.
  • Economic benefit due to – 4% in cost per kilo of weight gain (based on 100 €/kg).

Valorex benefits for pork pigs

  • Improved fattening performance with + 2 % carcass weight.
  • Better growth with + 4 % ADG in grams per day.

The technical and economic benefits of Valorex feed are scientifically proven

25 years, 15 patents and 400 scientific publications have proven the benefits for livestock farming of rich in “linolenic” unsaturated fatty acids linseed, when cooked using Valorex’s unique know-how: improved animal health, improved fertility and improved zootechnical performance.

In parallel in 2000, Valorex conducted a clinical trial validating that the introduction in animal feed of linseed cooked using its patented process has beneficial effects not only on the flavour and the quality of the pork, but also on human health.

In 2008, a study carried out by INRA showed that Valorex Tradilin® feed provides Omega-3 that boosts the immunological properties of sow milk and improve the digestive ability of piglets, which benefits their growth.

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