Faithful to its conviction that production can be done differently, Valorex has developed the Tradilin® poultry feed range, naturally rich in Omega-3, and Prodival®, designed with high quality, guaranteed GMO-free fats and proteins.

Higher quality without increasing feed ration costs

Valorex feed is the result of a new-generation processing method for oilseeds and protein plants that makes them highly digestible and easily metabolised by poultry. They give your products exceptional nutritional and organoleptic properties while improving your farm’s zootechnical performance, all without increasing your feed ration costs!

Fulfilling society’s expectations, the outstanding quality of your products makes them sought after by local associations, GMO-free labels, Omega-3, Bleu-Blanc-Cœur, etc.

Valorex benefits for laying hens

  • Better technical performance for your farm: average consumption per egg is improved and higher laying rate compared to laying hens fed on standard feed.
  • Improved technical performance, with – 10% soft-shells, – 20% broken shells and – 6% marked shells.
  • Improved nutritional and organoleptic quality of eggs thanks to natural Omega-3 supplementation via Tradilin® feed: + 240% ALA and + 71% DHA (% of total fatty acids).

Valorex benefits for broilers

  • Major benefits of feed as a growth factor: + 7.5% bodyweight at 82 days, + 7.6% ADG (g/day).
  • Improved animal health: intake of Omega-3 fatty acids helps ensure correct reproduction, reduces the need for antibiotics and reduces the mortality rate by 3.7%.
  • Economic profitability: + 21% margin “chick/feed” (€/m2).
  • Improved nutritional and organoleptic quality of poultry meat.

The technical and economic benefits of Valorex feeds are scientifically proven

25 years, 15 patents and 360 scientific publications have proven the benefits for livestock farming of rich in “linolenic” unsaturated fatty acids linseed, when cooked using Valorex’s unique know-how: improved animal health, improved fertility and improved zootechnical performance.

In parallel in 2000, Valorex conducted a clinical trial validating that the introduction in animal feed of linseed cooked using its patented process not only on the flavour and the quality of the meat and eggs, but also on human health.

In 2014, the results of a study by the National Food Programme confirmed the superior quality, measured through analysis, of eggs laid by hens fed on Tradilin® (Bleu-Blanc-Cœur association) in comparison with eggs laid by hens fed conventionally.

From 2015 onwards, the national research programme Proleval has proven, in the framework of a study conducted with INRA on broilers and laying hens, that the Valorex procedure for processing the protein-rich plants in its Prodival® range leads to farming performance at least equivalent to that produced by standard soybean meal, for an equivalent or lower average feed ration cost.

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