Small ruminant

Small ruminant farming is seasonal and has its own very specific difficulties. These can undermine the stability of the herd and the profitability of breeding.

Increase your productivity while protecting your herd

With its Tradilin® range, Valorex has developed feeding programmes that can be tailored to each farm and designed to boost your herd’s productivity, health and fecundity performance.
These feeding programmes are completed with the IT3 index for calculating the optimal Omega-3 dose for your farm, and Visiolait software for analysing and informing you in real time of the zootechnical performance and body condition of your livestock:

Valorex benefits for goats and sheep

  • Your herd’s productivity is increased: + 15% milk production with no negative effect on fat and protein levels, – 24% enteric methane, reducing energy losses and improving animal body condition and the fatty acids profile of the milk produced.
  • Feed ration safety: minimised risk of acidosis, improved reproduction rate, maintenance of body condition.
  • Better balance of nutritional quality of milk.

Valorex benefits for lambs

  • Your herd’s productivity is increased: +m 23 g in growth ADG, – 14 days fattening time.
  • Herd health is boosted: better immunity, lower mortality rate, stronger lambs, no risk of acidosis, etc.
  • Better quality meat: better fat marbling, uniform batches, enhanced nutritional profile.
  • The farm is more profitable in economic terms: less costly fattening, – 13% feed per kilo of weight gain

The technical and economic benefits of Valorex feeds are scientifically proven

25 years, 13 patents and 360 scientific publications have proven the benefits for livestock farming of rich in “linolenic” unsaturated fatty acids linseed, when cooked using Valorex’s unique know-how: improved animal health, improved fertility and improved performance. This work resulted in the Tradilin® feed range, that improves linseed digestibility and leads to improved energy use by animals.

In parallel in 2000, Valorex conducted a clinical trinot only on the flavour and the quality of the meat and milk, but also on human healthal validating that the introduction in animal feed of linseed cooked using its patented process has beneficial effects not only on the flavour and the quality of the meat and milk, but also on human health

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