Health and Food industry

Organising quality networks for producing different food, differently

Born out of the idea that by respecting nature and feeding farm animals better, humans and the Planet will do better, Valorex supports companies in the food chain who wish to become part of this virtuous identity approach.

A stakeholder in science-fact that combines Biological Sciences with Human and Social Sciences, Valorex is committed to sustainable economic development for building agriculture at the forefront of societal issues: a sustainable farming community, the nutritional quality of what we eat, and protecting the environment. We invest all our scientific, technical and technological expertise in this project, working in a spirit of co-construction with our partners: from producers to distributors, taking in groups, dairy farms, slaughterhouses and industrial processors.

Starting with the linseed sector 25 years ago, Valorex has proved itself able to structure sectors with high added value from the field to the table, creating the Bleu-Blanc-Cœur quality seal to attract consumer attention. 15 patents and 400 scientific publications have shown the impact of its approach for a new diet is a reality along the entire chain, with all stakeholders working together. A clinical study carried out by Valorex and INRA in 2000 showed in particular that Valorex’s work in the linseed sector (choice of selected and traced seeds, enhancing their use in animal nutrition through a patented process) has beneficial effects not only on the flavour and quality of meat, milk and eggs, but also on human health.

Valorex defends the competitiveness of local agriculture and industries in a global market economy, with the revolutionary idea that quality is the key to sustainability. Rediscovering the pleasure of producing and consuming, reconnecting with the nutritional balance of soil, farm feed and human food, preserving our planet’s resources: Valorex helps your company to meet the challenges of global citizens of tomorrow.

Health and Food INDUSTRY

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