Health and Food industry,

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Valorex has acquired genuine expertise in setting up networks. First with crop production, and then extending to all the stakeholders in the food chain.

Measurable quality expertise

Upstream of Health and Food processing, the supply chain works to provide access to animal products in a class of their own with high nutritional and environmental quality, making their farming model sustainable since these products fulfil consumer expectations as regards societal issues. Among Valorex’s strengths is developing networks that offer added value for consumers: the best example of this is all the work involving the Bleu-Blanc-Cœur association. Bleu Blanc Cœur is already present in around fifteen countries. Valorex supports international stakeholders in achieving this differentiation, with the help of several tools and technical expertise.In addition, Valorex’s commitment to production that respects the natural balance of the earth, animals and humankind places it within the framework of projects such as Clean Label and Minimal Processing, a considerable advantage for manufacturers. Endorsing this quality, Valorex offers you innovative expertise tools.

Measuring meat quality through analysing fat in pork

An expert in measurements using infrared techniques, Valorex has developed a routine analysis procedure using this technology to measure back fat in batches of pigs. This ground-breaking innovation uses samples to express meat values in terms of fatty acids, primarily Omega-3.


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