Pioneer in animal nutrition
that combines performance and quality

Pioneering a green and virtuous agricultural economy, for over 25 years Valorex has been specialising in the establishment of crop networks and special processing methods for oilseeds and protein plants (linseed, beans, peas, lupin) intended to make animal feed more nutritionally complete.We place this expertise at the service of our feed manufacturer customers.

Valorex has unique and patented high-tech industrial know-how that releases the full potential of oilseeds and protein plants and increases their digestibility, creating a feed that is unmatched for animal nutrition. Having undergone specific Valorex processing, the valuable nutrients in seeds are transformed into energy by livestock, enhancing their technical performance and enriching the resultant animal products (milk, meat, eggs). Along with keeping feed ration costs down, performance and quality are becoming key to better profitability for livestock farmers.
Valorex feed can be the subject of a complete programme developed directly for the farmer or can be used in a complementary formulation to the processing industry products to provide them with real added value.

Valorex is a stakeholder in science-fact that innovates continuously for the benefit of farmers

Working closely with INRA, Valorex conducts numerous research projects that continuously improve seed digestibility and provide ever more technical benefits for each species. Farm performance with Valorex feed is optimised using innovative management tools created by Valorex such as Visiolait, that uses infrared technology to analyse fat in cow milk and understand milk production performance and herd health.

Since 2015, through the national research programme Proleval, Valorex has been committed to deploying new locally-sourced plant-based proteins and using technology to develop their performance for feeding livestock. The aim is to enable local agriculture to move closer to self-sufficiency in protein supply that is sustainable and profitable, thanks to technical and economic farming results that show performance at least equivalent to what is achieved with imported soybean meal, and without extra costs in feed ration.

Optimized feed ration and regular monitoring of its correct balance has a positive impact on your herd and the economic performance of your farm.

Valorex is leading the way in tackling social issues

Through its network, Valorex is organising agriculture with high added value by upgrading farm products, creating quality-controlled crop production networks, and improving the nutritional and organoleptic properties of animal products. One of Valorex’s strengths in this approach is that it follows food production models that meet social expectations: local associations, GMO-free, VLOG, Organic, labels, Bleu-Blanc-Coeur, etc.



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