Our support and technical expertise services

Valorex offers animal nutrition companies its cutting-edge field expertise, honed by technical and economic follow-up on thousands of farms and all species in France and overseas.

On the one hand, this observatory enables it to measure the efficacy of the products and services offered, and on the other, to design increasingly innovative nutritional solutions that meet the specific conditions of each farm and each region.

To do so, Valorex has a high-performance R&D unit and a team of operations engineers ready to listen to any issues that you may have. They work with you to come up with formulations that optimise the potential of Valorex feeds, and increase your technical advisors’ skills by providing customised follow-up.

Management tools available to you

Using Infralin to measure seed quality

Valorex has its own analytical laboratory that assesses all of the seed batches purchased from collector organisations. It has an infrared spectrometer for measuring in real time the nutritional content of seeds intended for use in for animal feed. This technology provides you with proof that the feeds manufactured by Valorex use premium-quality raw materials.


Visiolait is a piece of management software that can “read” milk to find out what is going on inside the body of the cow or goat depending on what they are eating, and how they are metabolising their feed. Its purpose is to maximise milk production and at the same time improve animal health and fertility.Find out more about Visiolait.

Visiolait enables your teams to organise and prioritise follow-up on their farms, and to set up and compare groups of farmers.


This Technical Index for Omega-3 is a formula for calculating the amount of Omega-3 metabolised from fodder, concentrates (raw material or mixed feed), or an entire feed ration. For each species, Valorex has determined the IT3 value required for optimum zootechnical performance.Find out more about IT3.


DIVAL is a feed ration index that evaluates the dietary diversity in a feed ration. The aim is to draw consumer attention to good feed practices on cattle, pig and poultry farms, in particular as regards dietary diversity and protein self-sufficiency in the feed trough.Find out more about DIVAL.


The Eco-Methane method, patented by Valorex and internationally recognised, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by animals during their digestive process, resulting in energy savings and better herd profitability.Find out more about Eco-Methane.




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