Extra-local development


Using its local experience, Valorex reproduces its approach Worldwide by creating local networks. This virtuous, sustainable extra-territorial activity involves all the stakeholders in the same sector in a win-win relationship.

This regional-level added value rests on 9 production units located all over Europe. Valorex has its own 2 plants in the north-west of France.

 To cover the rest of the country, 7 other manufacturing plants use the Valorex patented process and original model, partly under the Valorex brand licence and partly under our partners’ brands:

  • In Switzerland, in partnership with Trinova Handel & Marketing AG
  • In northern Germany, in partnership with Agrosom GmbH
  • In western France, in partnership with the Terrena cooperative
  • In north-eastern France, in partnership with Chays
  • In north-western France, in partnership with Tromelin
  • In south-western France, in partnership with Promash tool
  • And Austria starting in 2021, in partnership with Garant Tiernahrung Gesellschaft M.B.H.

Several new projects from European and international partners are under consideration.

Organisation of local networks

Each of these industrial plants is locally supplied with oilseeds and protein-rich plants: linseed, lupin, peas, beans.

Plant production chains are traced and monitored by Valorex, who optimises the crop management of each variety through an agreement policy, i.e. guaranteed prices for crop farmers based on the nutritional quality of their crops.

Thanks to a new generation cooking method patented by Valorex and applied on the 9 production plants, the nutritional and technological potential of seeds is expressed at its upmost for the benefit of livestock farming.

Seeds are better digested by animals and have a higher content in essential fatty acids and specific amino acids. The herd is more productive and healthier.

On-site seed cooking gives value to the region’s crop production networks, reduces carriage and the resulting CO2 emissions, creates new local outlets and promotes diversity in fields and local self-sufficiency in proteins.

Expertise and marketing for each region

Through regular technical monitoring of numerous partner livestock farmers, Valorex’s specific vision in the field enables the company to adapt its solutions to the farming conditions in each country.

By bringing oilseeds and protein-rich crops closer to the areas where the feeds are consumed, Valorex promotes the creation of quality local agricultural networks, able to meet consumer expectations: local produce, GMO-free, with high nutritional quis more productive and healthier.ality (Bleu-Blanc-Coeur), and that respect the environment. Added value is shared across all links in the chain



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