Visiolait: An expert tool 
an expert tool for supporting dairy ruminant farmers

Visiolait enables you to monitor your livestock’s milk quality and to organise and prioritise your monitoring.

What is Visiolait?

Visiolait determines the link between the characteristics of the fatty acids in milk and what the herd is eating. Just like a blood sample, Visiolait “reads” milk to find out what is going on inside the body of the cow or goat, what they are eating, and how they are metabolising their feed. Its purpose is to maximise milk production and at the same time improve animal health and fertility.

This unique approach differs from other predictive analyses based on feed ration in terms of the accuracy and precision of its results: instead of using feed ration theoretical values to predict performance, it analyses the actual composition of milk and works backwards to balance the feed ration.

How does Visiolait work?

Each month a sample of milk is sent to the laboratory, that performs an infrared analysis of it and then sends us the results. It contains fatty acids measurements. Using a set of equations developed by Valorex R&D, Visiolait interprets these data and draws up a diagnosis that is easy to understand. You then have an overview of your milk performance and the health of your herd, shown through different assessment criteria: milk production efficiency, protein efficiency, fibre quality and efficiency, health potential, monitoring levels indices, etc.

The technicians are able to monitor as many farmers as required. Analyses and newsletters are saved and organised for efficient consultation and follow-up. They can adjust the criteria they wish to assess with the farmer, and communicate with them directly through Visiolait.

And as team manager, you can coordinate the way your technicians support their farmers by choosing, for example, which criteria they should prioritise.

An example of the Visiolait interface

The new version of Visiolait: Argos

What sets

Visiolait Argos apart in particular is its prioritisation and geolocation of each Visiolait criterion. This way, technicians can see at a glance which farms should be their priority for action.

An example of the Visiolait Argos interface

Visiolait is available in 9 languages

Visiolait interfaces have been translated into 9 languages, and Visiolait is already being used in more than 10 countries.

What are the benefits of Visiolait for your farm?

For a feed advisory technician, Visiolait is a gold mine! Results are available at all times from anywhere with Internet access, and this means that you can consult the performances of the herds that you are monitoring in real time and remotely. Visiolait guarantees the feed ration efficacy of your recommendations. A real RAM for your herd history, Visiolait helps you to act quickly in the event of a temporary hiccup (a flare-up of acidosis or mastitis), or to improve feed composition based on changes in the herd.

Visiolait already has some 4,000 farmer users in Europe, reassured by Visiolait’s objectivity and convinced by the economic outcomes obtained. Their trust is the soundest proof of Visiolait’s value for farmers.



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