Contract production


The driving force behind the Proleval programme for reducing France’s dependence on imported plant-based proteins, Valorex promotes local production of protein crops with good development potential, such as beans, peas and lupin.

Within this framework, it supports the introduction of protein crops that benefit its partner farms through 4 levers:

  • advice on introducing a new crop such as Cultivapro
  • practical seed storage and collection solutions for farmers
  • getting the most out of seeds using patented Valorex processes for developing their nutritional potential
  • tailored feed solutions that make use of all the properties of processed seeds.

What are the benefits for farmers?

  • Agronomic benefits
    Protein crops are good break crops and can be advantageously introduced in cereal crop rotations given their ability to fix nitrogen in the soil.
  • Better protein self-sufficiency
    This approach ensures local supply of plant-based proteins and lower dependence on imported raw materials.
  • Economic gains
    Farmers obtain benefits in terms of price with feed containing seeds that they have grown themselves, thus reducing their feed bills.
  • Technical performance
    Through to the patented Valorex treatment that they undergo, seeds release all of their protein and energy benefits. Animals get more benefit from these seeds than from unprocessed ones and this leads to better zootechnical performance, better health and better herd fertility.

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