Valorex product range:

Feed with superior nutritional content at the service of farmers

Dairy cattle, beef cattle, pigs, poultry or small ruminants, Valorex can provide you with high quality feed for all your farming needs. We can deliver direct to you from our site in Combourtillé (Brittany) or via our network of local partners. Discover our different ranges.

15 patents and 400 scientific publications have proven the benefits for livestock farming of linseed, when cooked using Valorex’s unique know-how: improved animal health, improved fertility, and improved zootechnical performance. This work resulted in the Tradilin® feed range, the expression of Valorex expertise in extracting all the potential from seeds for the benefit of farming.

Tradilin® has a high Omega-3 content, improves linseed digestibility and leads to improved energy use by animals. Its efficacy is measured every day by over 15,000 farmers.

In September 2019, Valorex presented the results of an 8-year study on Tradilin carried out together with 4,979 farms. This study highlighted a highly interesting transgenerational effect. Please find the full details of the Tradilin study..

The Prodival® range

Since 2016, Valorex has been leading a national research programme, Proleval, which aims to reduce the country’s dependence on imported plant-based proteins. Within this framework, Valorex developed the Prodival® range, that increases the digestibility of locally-grown protein crops using highly innovative processes. Replacing soybean meal used on ruminant, pig and poultry farms, Prodival® has shown consistently excellent technical and economic results for a feed ration cost that is the same or as cheap as feed including soybean meal.

Local ranges in ruminants 

Protecting what is local is something Valorex holds close to its heart. We deliver direct to your farm from our plant in Combourtillé (Brittany). Specific ranges produced to order for farmers. 1,300 farmers in western France trust daily in our products.”

Livestock farming Unique know-how


Whether you are a dairy cattle farmer, a beef cattle farmer, a dairy goat farmer, etc., contact us for more information about our feeds and how they can help you overcome problems.