Visiolait improves the milk yield
of your dairy cattle and goats

As part of its support service, Valorex provides each farmer with Visiolait software. The outcome of Valorex R&D, it enables animal feed rations to be adjusted through analysis of the fatty acids in milk.

What is Visiolait?

Similarly to a human blood sample, it determines the link between the characteristics of the fatty acids in milk and what the herd is eating. Visiolait “reads” milk to find out what is going on inside the body of the cow or goat, what they are eating, and how they are metabolising their feed. Its purpose is to maximise milk production and at the same time improve animal health and fertility.

How does Visiolait work?

Each month a sample of milk is sent to the laboratory, that performs an infrared analysis of it and then sends us the results. It contains fatty acids measurements. Using a set of equations developed by Valorex R&D, Visiolait interprets these data and draws up a diagnosis that is easy to understand. You then have an overview of your milk performance and the health of your herd, shown through different assessment criteria: milk production efficiency, protein efficiency, fibre quality and efficiency, health potential, monitoring levels, etc.

Available on the website, the results are given to you directly or by your feed technician. Working together, you can monitor development of your herd over time and adjust its feed ration to improve animal performance and health.

An example of the Visiolait interface

What are the benefits of Visiolait for your farm?

Visiolait provides answers for the main problems encountered in dairy farming. It prevents the risk of acidosis, reflects proper feed ration digestion and assimilation, confirms the amount of fibre and protein intake and keeps your herd in good health. Moreover, Visiolait is a valuable asset in terms of reproduction, because we know that animal feed plays a role in successful inseminations.

Visiolait helps you not only to find the ideal feed ration for getting the best performance out of your livestock, but also to manage changes to feed rations that are necessary or unforeseen. It is an indispensable tool for your farm’s success and guarantees you maximum economic profitability.

Would you like to try Visiolait out?

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