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Valorex engineering as regards oilseeds and protein-rich plants, and particularly its scientific understanding of linseed and the cooking method that makes it digestible, led the Valorex Group to diversify into human food in 2010. The challenge was to make the benefits of this seed accessible in human consumption.

Valorex is a stakeholder in real science and never stops innovating

Although linseed is recognised as valuable in human nutrition given its content in fibre, lignans and Omega-3, if eaten uncooked, these nutrients essential for proper human body function cannot be released – the seed shell is tough and anti-nutritional. Like all seeds, linseed has to be cooked for humans to be able to digest and assimilate it. Tradilin® is a seed grinding and cooking procedure covered by French and European patents applied for by Valorex. By making the seed highly digestible, its anti-nutritional and toxic effects are eliminated, its Omega-3 is released and it is turned into flour with a high content in bioavailable nutrients.

The minimal processing technology that Valorex uses to manufacture Tradilin® linseed flours makes them a simple product that undergoes few processing stages, and the gentle pressure-cooking process removes the toxins from the seeds, keeping all of their flavour and nutrients intact. Adding linseed to other pulses such as wheat, buckwheat, spelt or rice makes Tradilin® a highly diverse flour range in terms of valuable nutrients (proteins, fibre, amino acids), and it enjoys Clean Label status. With their reduced list of 100% natural, “made in France” ingredients, Tradilin® linseed flours contain no additives, preservatives or colourants, and are guaranteed GMO-free.

This is how Valorex manufactures quality, locally-sourced and eco-responsible ingredients that can be used in all Health and Food applications, particularly by:

  • Artisans, millers and bakers
  • Industrial bakeries that service the needs of catering and supermarkets
  • Food industry manufacturers (pasta, pastry, biscuits, breads, etc.)
  •  Pharmaceutical industries (dietary supplements, meal replacements)
  • Direct consumers, under the Linette®
  • brand

Tradilin® linseed flours are unique on the market

Valorex has a human food production unit that complies fully with the hygiene standards required for human foodstuffs. It only manufactures linseed flours that are guaranteed GMO-free, BRC certified, and organic.
In response to economic and environmental concerns, Valorex has built and runs a short supply chain that guarantees linseed selected on the basis of its content in nutrients and that is sown, harvested and cooked in France using the Tradilin® process:

  • Selection of linseed variety
  • Crop monitoring and seed traceability (Infralin)
  • Linseed industrial pressure-cooking process
  • Analytical monitoring of linseed flour production

Valorex is currently the only company who markets a linseed flour that is digestible, traced, GMO-free, free from toxins and with a high content in Omega-3, fibre and antioxidants (lignans).

Tradilin® opens up new avenues for Health and Food applications

A comparative study between a loaf made using Tradilin® linseed flour and a standard loaf made using conventional T55 flour showed that the former had a significantly higher Omega-3 content, restoring the Omega-6/Omega-3 balance and increasing the ALA (alpha linolenic acid) content required for proper human body function. It is an interesting avenue for meeting Recommended Nutritional Intake recommendations.
In parallel, Valorex has demonstrated the high nutritional value of its Tradilin® flours in a clinical trial conducted in 2002 on the effects of consuming bread made with Tradilin® flour on human blood lipids parameters. It showed that including Tradilin® in food results in a significant drop in cholesterol and triglyceride levels and, therefore, in the risk of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.
Endorsed by numerous scientific publications, these results confirm the utility of Tradilin® in food and the pharmaceutical industry given its benefits for human health.

And more interesting still, Valorex recently demonstrated that the properties of Tradilin® go beyond the merely nutritional. Adding linseed to “conventional” flours gives them unprecedented flavour properties and culinary possibilities. Recent analyses performed at the Contemporary Culinary Centre in Rennes (Brittany) confirmed the remarkable culinary properties of linseed flour. Research looked into the behaviour of a Tradilin® linseed flour replacing a conventional T55 flour for:

  • preparation of cooking staples: Béchamel sauce, custard, etc.
  • making different kinds of dough and pastry: brioche, choux, shortcrust, crumble, etc.

Tests revealed real added values of Tradilin® flour in comparison with T55 flour, which open up new avenues of application for professionals in the Health and Food industry:

  • it develops a bulking matrix (viscous and elastic like gelatin) when it comes into contact with water, and this makes the preparation pliable
  • it limits separation of water from the preparation during chilling / freezing / thawing
  • it promotes stability, binding the mixture or emulsion and giving it texture

In view of these results, there are almost infinite fields of application for Tradilin® linseed flours: bakery products, prepared meals, biscuits, cakes, soups, powdered drinks, flours, vegetarian steaks, cereal bars, etc.



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