Valorex unique know-how for
getting the most out of oilseeds and protein-rich plants

Valorex uses it unique, patented know-how for getting the most out of oilseeds and protein-rich plants to obtain premium quality ingredients for food use and human health.

A tailored response for the nutritional and functional requirements of professionals in the Health and Food industry

The Tradilin® range of flours has been prepared in line with Valorex Group values: sustainable agriculture and production methods subject to strict specifications for real and sustainable nutritional quality. Traceability from seeds to finished product is guaranteed through a coordinated network approach, computerised processes and use of high-technology, such as infrared spectrometry to analyse seed quality with calibrations designed and developed by Valorex.

Valorex’s goal is to provide professionals in the food industry with distinctive flours, produced by traced French networks, that meet their nutritional and functional requirements. This way, Valorex hopes to encourage Health and Food innovation and benefit the future of the food on our plates as citizens of the world.

    A team dedicated to human food is ready to assist with any Health and Food project, from its concept right through to its launch. The adaptability of Tradilin® formulations offers the advantage of à la carte ingredients. Granulometry, linseed included at a rate of 1% to 10%, and numerous possible seed combinations are among the solutions

    • for nutritional improvements: content in proteins, fibre, Omega-3, gluten substitution, etc.
    • for functional development: softness, substitution of eggs or butter, cold binding, reduced syneresis, etc.

    Original Tradilin® brand formulations are available in a conventional version and in an Organic version* There is a linseed flour range useful for milling, baking, Danish pastries and patisserie, and a powdered linseed range useful for biscuits, savoury and sweet patisserie, pastry and catering applications (prepared meals, sauces, etc.).

    * Available in Organic version

    Tradilin® cares about animals, the planet, and humankind

    Tradilin® flours are part of the Bleu-Blanc-Cœur approach that advocates eco-responsible agriculture and consumption, from the field all the way to the table.
    Bleu-Blanc-Cœur products meet strict specifications, governed by obligations for results as regards the nutritional properties of the food concerned. The aim is save consumers from having to look for dietary supplements, because they should get all they need for their health from they food they eat. With its seed production networks organised upstream and the original technology it uses to release all of the nutrient bioavailability in plants, Valorex is a Bleu-Blanc-Cœur supplier. This differentiation criterion is key for end consumers who know that what they eat has a direct impact on their health, and are also aware of the ecological impact of mass culture.



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