Back in the 90’s, Valorex suspected that there was a link between the fatty acid content in animal feed and the fat profile of the resulting products (milk, meat).

This led them to investigate further with a particular focus on linseed, a plant variety with a high ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) content.

Subsequently, Valorex showed that the benefits of linseed are proven as regards not only the product’s fatty acid profile, but also as regards zootechnical parameters such as increased yield and better animal health. These results sparked increased interest in linseed by livestock farmers.

In order to mobilise the nutritional properties found specifically in seeds, such as Omega-3, Valorex invented a patented procedure for cooking seeds and an animal feed with a difference: Tradilin®. This particular expertise has become Valorex’s core business, and the process has been expanded to other oilseeds and protein-rich plants such as lupin, beans and rapeseed.

Tradilin® combines Valorex’s 3 pillars of expertise for the crop sector:

  • Development of sustainable, diversified, traced and controlled crops.
  • The cooking procedure patented by Valorex gets 100% out of seeds and releases the natural compounds they contain (fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins, etc.), providing added value for livestock farmers.
  • Creation of Bleu-Blanc-Coeur, an association with quality as its watchword that promotes the sale of animal products with a proven Omega-3 content, and provides guaranteed opportunities for the sector.

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