For 25 years, Valorex has been studying the extraordinary natural potential of oilseeds and protein-rich plants. Today, Valorex puts its innovation and production skills at the service of all agricultural stakeholders, to push forward human and animal nutrition. Feeding animals and humans better is using our expertise to produce a nutrition that respects natural balances.

Valorex in pictures 

Valorex in detail… our history and values

At Valorex, we forsee a green and virtuous economy, at the leading edge of social issues, actors in real science, innovating for animal health, a balanced agricultural sector, and our future food as citizens of the world.

We provide an alternative coordinated network approach, built on a sustainable, extra-territorial deployment model, committed to preserving both local crops and local jobs.

We commit to ensuring proven, sustainable nutritional quality for ourselves and for future generations. And through a simple cultivated seed, we pass on even more values: Respect, Responsibility, Humanism.

Our products at the service of farmers

 We offer a feed range with high nutritional benefits for your livestock: cattle, poultry, pigs, sheep, etc., aiming a higher productivity and a better health. The potential of all of our seeds is thanks to our unique cooking process, which releases all their richness and inherent quality whilst at the same time promoting local sources of seed production and their agricultural value.

Our product range at the service of feed processing industry companies and feed manufacturers

Our product range for feed manufacturers is designed to give an innovative edge to your product catalogues for farmers. Combine your know-how as a processor in the feed industry with Valorex’s expertise in the nutritional quality and health benefits of its products: this way, you set yourself apart by offering your farming customers genuine added value products.

Our know-how, our approach

We supply our products and services to farmers and feed manufacturers, fully conscious of current agricultural and food issues, the role of agriculture and livestock farming in impacts on human nutrition and health, and the environmental impact on our planet. We have attested this proof of concept in France; we use it as an example of the development of this unique know-how at an international level.


Present in more than 35 countries, we share our knowledge and expertise as part of our firm commitment to preserving and giving value to local culture. All concerned, we make the case for extra-territorial, reasoned and virtuous deployment with local partners.

For human well-being

This whole of this approach is aimed at human health and well-being, and the preservation or even the restoration of the environment Most of our research has focused on the link between animal nutrition and human health. With the Omega-3 content of our products, we guarantee better health for animals and nutritional benefits for consumers.

Research and&Development and Digital


R&D has developed a number of technical indexes for farming including IT3 and DIVAL. Over the years, digital technology has also made it possible to ensure optimal collaboration between the different stakeholders involved upstream and downstream, through sharing strategy and creating added value. Visiolait software and the eco-methane approach, used today by over 4,000 farmers in Europe, illustrate this to perfection.

Discover all the scientific publications authored by Valorex researchers working in collaboration with Bleu-Blanc-Coeur, and with around fifty French and foreign academic research partners (INRA, etc.). These are the solid scientific foundations of our approach.

Network Advice and Support

From setting networks up to auditing them and developing customised tools, we offer you the know- how we have acquired over the last 25 years. Our teams of experts adapt their suggestions for solutions to what you need in terms of support. We can answer your questions about products, processes, analytical tools, network added value, etc.How do you set up a network? How do you create product differentiation? What are the zootechnical, environmental and nutritional benefits? What is the most suitable economic model?

Find out how we can support food industry manufacturers.

Laboratory and measurements

Analyses of seeds, fodder, cooked seeds and feed, milk, meat, etc. For years, our researchers have been developing new applications to meet the expectations of all stakeholders in the food chain: crop farmers, livestock farmers, processors, distributors. We bring our expertise to product quality control and traceability, its agricultural production method (origin, environmental impact, animal welfare), its technological processing, etc. A service that helps with decision-making and differentiation.