A green and virtuous economy, at the forefront of societal issues, stakeholders in science that are constantly innovating for animal health, a balanced agricultural sector, and our future food.

Nurturing the difference


At VALOREX, we like to be different. Not in economic terms, but in terms of identity. It is this difference that allows us to advance steadily towards a different vision of agriculture and food. It is a singular and disruptive position, leading the way in tackling social issues. It is our desire to keep on innovating so we don’t just merge into mass industry.

Being and remaining pioneers


Forerunners of a Green (& Virtuous) Economy respecting seasonality and promoting the growing ancient and rare seeds, essential for balance. Visionaries of Science-Fact that aims to harmonise Biological Sciences with & Human and Social Sciences.
Revolutionising uses with digital technology and an enviable network model. VALOREX is cultivating its market and developing it as an alternative that is more relevant than ever.

“Pioneering today, for tomorrow”

Making science-fact


There is no fiction at VALOREX, we’re about reality. Providing new and virtuous food for the consumer of tomorrow. Anticipating digital tools to address future needs. Harmonising Biological Science with & Human and Social Sciences. Our daily activity Finding, studying and supporting our theories; Writing and Publishing our results in scientific journals; Testing and patenting our innovations; Proving real impact through independent clinical trials; &Guaranteeing all of this by providing scientific material for differentiation activities and networks.

Raising debate


Faithful to our ideals, we propose to co-construct and organise new networks that protect our agriculture, our industry and our health in the context of future political challenges. This involves rejecting perceptions and views that prevent change. It also involves the “Socially Responsible Food” movement instigated by us, that aims to change mindsets and guide them towards a new kind of animal nutrition, and to fly the flag of zootechnical benefits as a (r)evolutionary model.

Protecting the local and the extra-local


France, Europe, World; Animals know no borders, and their health has a direct impact on our diets as citizens of the world. With the strength gained from our local experience, we are deploying and multiplying our know-how. We are doing by respecting our “culture”, by valuing our networks and protecting our local jobs.

Taking action for quality and health


For VALOREX, quality is a plural concept. It is as much about nutritional quality and the quality of our relationship with partners and suppliers as the human quality of our social approach: a family spirit. We also share a Public Health approach, working on our products for a better future and above all for future generations. Raising recognition and awareness of the impact of mass culture and ecological issues.

“Born well
in a healthier world”

Communicating and sharing


It is from this simple idea that VALOREX was born over 25 years ago. Committed to feeding animals better and respecting nature, so that humans eat better and live better while respecting the balance of nature. Virtuous communication. It is a virtuous heritage. This mission continues today and will continue for years to come, with the same key idea of passing on know-how and self-management skills. This is more current now than ever before, along with respect, responsibility and humanism.